Gámos - Love for All


“You got married without telling me?" Tom was incredulous. "I saw the picture you posted of your ring!” After Woodie lavished his engagement story, the two long-time friends lamented the difficulty in finding an engagement ring designed for non-traditional couples. Everyone has an idea of what an engagement ring is "supposed" to look like. But could this tradition be upended? Could one ring design celebrate both traditional and non-traditional couples and genders?

The challenge became finding the right design: a ring that carries the same iconic importance as traditional engagement and wedding rings yet is visually and functionally distinct from tradition. Enter Elisa Melegari - designer and goldsmith.

Drawing upon Tom and Woodie's involvement in the LGBTQ+ community, direct feedback from couples in non-traditional relationships, and Elisa’s expertise with jewelry design and making, the trio created Gámos Ring.

Gámos Rings are designed with the belief that a proposal is a conversation, connection is an action, and a ring, in its physical and conceptual design, can and should symbolize the active intertwinement of the people who wear them.

Gámos Rings exemplify commitment without the usual adherence to traditional gender expression aesthetics. Their contemporary and distinctive compositions nod towards the unconventional while maintaining tradition. Optional customized engravings inside the rings add opportunity for customization and personalization.

For the first time, the engagement ring becomes the wedding ring. The Gámos Rings are as traditional as they are revolutionary.

Founders: Tom Leonardis, Woodie Neiss, Elisa Melegari