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Gay engagement ring Gamos ring
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Próta Ring

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Our Próta Ring is made for the surprise proposal. Do you have a spontaneous and perfect proposal idea and need a ring now? Or perhaps you don't want to propose empty-handed but want to design your rings together? If either of these is true, the Próta Ring is for you.

Like our Gámos Engagement Rings, the Próta Ring has an elegant and streamlined profile that fits your modern and progressive attitude. Our Próta Ring will arrive with a brilliant polished finish.

The sterling silver Próta Ring is meant to serve as your temporary engagement ring as you select the perfect Gámos Ring. When you order your Próta Ring we'll give you a $100 credit towards your purchase of a Gámos Ring. 

Product Details: 

    • Sterling silver
    • 2mm wide

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